Check embed below. (Now with help recording combos from Dreamking and Snoooootch)

It’s been a while since i uploaded anything; hope to get back to a steadier pace.

I hope you like this new combovid though, I’m pretty proud of how it turned up.

Check embed below.

I didn’t plan a transcript for this one.I’ll do one only if requested.

I hope you enjoy this until 2012 gets released on PC.I still have a few (around 5) clips to put them somewhere.

Transcript below!

Keeping it Classy - Dudley combovid TRANSCRIPT

0:13 - The trade of the Focus Attack level3 with Rose’s cr.jab allows dudley to throw the rose quick enough, then her projectile knocks him out of his rose recover, so he can hit her with before the rose hits her. KO’s her,and dudley does cancels it into a post ko LP MGB, THEN the rose hits, putting her in juggle state one, so the first hit of post-ko jab machine gun block wiffs the first hit.

0:25 - Anti Air level3 Focus Attack puts Dhalsim into a float state, where everything hits,After a series of juggles that retain that juggle propriety (including a stylish wiff of jab dp), dudley can still connect a J.HK.

0:33 - J.HK hits Dhalsim at the peak of his jump jab, so he can connect even after that fast knockdown.Because of the height DHalsim gets launched, Dudley has enough to time to even conenct with only the last hit of LP MGB.

0:39 - A rose trade combo with a couple of Short Swing Blows and a meaty LP MGB after stun.Ends with standing jab that KO’s, canceled into post-ko Thunderbolt.
0:55 - Dudley loop agaisnt Balrog that has been seen/done before.I put this in because of the extender with meaty duck straight after stun, which hasn’t been done.

1:27 - Crossover combo on crouching Vega thanks to CounterHit Duck Straight FADC.The followup is somehow original, after EX MGB doing EX Duck Straight, midscreen.

1:31 - Chun li hits Dudley of of his rose recovery, and using the rose, he gets to combo into, with the rose hitting in between.The rest is a juggle to get chun almost dizzy.Now HERE comes the good, subtle part, which most would miss to notice.The next rose hits her while in a STUNNED state.As i recall, the only other moves that do that are counter ultra, dudley’s cross counter and in some odd circumstances Dhlasim’s super, for one hit.

1:42 - Third strike used as a excuse to transition and to end a combo with a jumping attack that Ko’s.

1:51 - A showcase of Dudley’s normals on a black background, as an homage to Maj’s Ryu Exhibition Combovid, where he showcases Ryu’s normals on a black background.Also used to show the credits mid vid.Snoooootch’s idea for original editing.<3

2:04 - Blanka’s crouch block goes under Dudley’s Forward Fierce.Blanka lets go of the locking in the last active frame, so forward fierce becomes +7 on hit, allowing EX Duck Upper to conenct.It is followed by some diverse links, including a meaty after stun, and ending with a post KO special.

2:20 - The combo coutner glitch after a stun was used, and also it is a showcase of Dudley’s Ultra 2 hitting a grounded opponent without going into its full animation

2:33 - Ok, this is the msot technically complex and hardest to udnerstand part of the video, partially because of the speed at which everything happens.
Dudley is hit out of his rose recovery by Yang.Yang activates the clsoe super for a later use.Dudley does HP DP, and Yang does st.jab at the same time.
They, trade, so Yang is put in juggle state 1.The rose hits yang, and resets them.In ANY OTHER sitution in the game, this ends the combo,after 10 frames
of Yang’s reset animation (If you pause the video, you can see yang starts to flip out), Dudley does EX Cross Counter, and Yang’s clone activates it.After stun, Dudley does EX Short Swing Blow, after which you have 4 frames to followup, so KO into post KO EX MGB is used.

2:49 - Abel’s EX Falling Sky is used for its incinvibility, which makes Dudley’s overhead hit last frame meaty.Lots of links are used until the HP DP knockdown.This is used as a setup for the stylish end.Dudley is once again hit out of his rose recovery by Abel cr.jab this time.Dudley then does cr.jab, which Kos Abel, and starts doing a post KO thunderbolt.Regular, non-ex, post KO thunderbolt doesn’t hit normally after a light attack, so the rose wasused as an intermediary hit.

3:04 - After in the corner, Dudley can EX Duck crossudner, and still juggle after.After the HP DP FADC, the ED Duck Upeer hit T.Hawk so high that it allows Dudley to dash and connect Ultra 2.

3:11 - The same EX Duck corner crossunder, but after a Duck upper this time, is used here, only that the beggining has been changed.Using a rose intrerrupt, Dudley can connect his xx xx st.hp target combo into his

3:19 - On Dhalsim only, after a CounterHit J.HK, forward fierce hit meaty, allowing to connect after.A bunch of one frame links are sued after until Dhalsim gets stunned.
After that, the rose throw hits meaty, allowing to hit, and ending it all in a stylish post KO EX Thunderbolt.